Why You Should Not Be Afraid of Subtitles

By Livia Peterson

I’ve seen and reviewed plenty foreign language films, my lovely readers. Most people are scared, regarding reading the subtitles. I recognize you may be one of them… You may believe they suck your enjoyment out of a movie – actually, they do not.
Maren Ade’s “Toni Erdmann” (Germany) and Paul Verhoeven’s “Elle” (France) are two particular favorite films during the 2016. (Asghar Farhadi’s “The Salesman” / “Forushande” won the Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards.)
The foreign films allow you to explore a different facet of the cinema – witness original and wacky narratives and discover various cultures and customs & unknown filmmakers, actresses, and actors (however, they may be known in their native country). Ultimately, attending foreign films are a rewarding experience on many levels.
Trust me here, attending your first foreign language film may be taunting and tempting – but once you attend several films of this nature, you eventually become acclimated and reading the subtitles is actually no big deal. You just smoothly transition yourself. This is easy for me to proclaim: SUBTITLES ARE NOT THAT BAD. So, let me leave you with this – foreign cinema and the subtitles may be initially outlandish and yet, the reward is positively insurmountable.

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