Why The Academy Should Present All Twenty Four Categories

By Livia Peterson

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) determined to present the major categories such as Best Picture and Best Director in the telecast and present the technical categories such as Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing during the commercial breaks due to the low ratings. The result is a three hour telecast.

Like theatre, film is a collaborative art form. Several people are involved in producing a motion picture such as if it weren’t for the production designer, the film would be blank slate. Same translates to the stage — the scenic designer sets the mood and tone. Removing the minor categories from the telecast is disrespectful to everyone involved in producing motion pictures and a disgrace to the Academy, as it is essentially stating: The director and the actors only matter in producing films. The director’s vision would not be fulfilled if it weren’t for the production designer, sound designer, and the like.

As I am majoring in Film Studies at the University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee, film is simply more than entertainment. Film is able to advance technology, establish new genres, and so much more. As I was a cinephile during my adolescence, presenting all twenty four categories allows the film appreciation among the budding cinephiles and introduces the small, independent films to a broad audience. The film students and even more so, film twitter are deeply passionate, regarding the motion picture art form. Films do not exist in a bubble, they allow us to become better human beings as they examine our existence and on the most basic level, escape from the reality.

Despite the motion picture art form advanced over the years, it does not deserve to be downgraded to be a piece of dirt by the organization honoring the current films and film history. George Méliès, the Lumiere brothers, and among others would be frowning right now. Film is a beautiful art form and please PRESENT ALL 24, the Academy!

Use #PresentAll24 via the social media, especially Twitter to join the conversation. 

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