Web Host Provider Showdown: Blogger versus Weebly versus Squarespace

Web Host Provider Showdown: Blogger versus Weebly versus Squarespace

By Livia Peterson

I’ve utilized three web and domain host providers during the past seven years or so – Blogger, Weebly, and Squarespace. Also, Wordpress – but I gave up that service as soon as I could (confusing as hell). Each service includes advantages and disadvantages. With film criticism in mind, I am grading the services, based on my own experiences.


Easy to use interface, primarily for amateurs. The least professional web host ever. Alas, I didn’t purchase a domain to begin with. I started with Blogger – just when I commenced writing film reviews – but then got sucked into the writing community and diverted way off track. Yep, I switched to Weebly and remained with my purpose intact. Ultimately, Blogger is average and nothing special. C


Weebly provides a drop and drag website builder in which can be annoying over time. I was a patron with Weebly for two years. The plans may be affordable, but the design is nonprofessional. Good domain service, mediocre website design, and less than stellar customer service. B-


For the past seven years, I always desired to move my web presence to Squarespace. I finally said, “Heck with it” and accomplished this a few days ago. Alas, I had to transfer my domain from Weebly and the whole nine yards. The billing plans are self explanatory; however, do not sign up for the monthly billing plan (it’s ridiculous, $16 per month / personal site). You pay $144 per year upfront to relish the personal plan. Squarespace also provides commerce and business plans.

Founded by Anthony Casalena, Squarespace provides the most beautiful, simple, and professional website templates ever. Just look at their competitors and your mouth will drop when laying eyes upon the platform. The interface is straightforward and elegant. Yes, the domain (TLD) prices vary, from $20 to $70. The award winning customer service is freaking amazing – professional and respect your web presence. Regardless, it is worth every penny – compared to Blogger and Weebly. I am never looking back. Thank you Squarespace and Squarespace Customer Service. A


Blogger is fine for what it is. Weebly is respectable until it is not. Whether you’re a newbie or not, just start with Squarespace. You will not be disappointed by anything, except the pricing.

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