The Shack (2017)

By Livia Peterson

Based on the novel of the same name by William P. Young, Missy Phillips (Amelie Eve) is kidnapped and abducted during the family camping trip. The mourning Mackenzie “Mack” Phillips” (Sam Worthington) receives the personal invitation to meet with God “Papa” (Octavia Spencer), Sarayu (Sumire Matsubara), and Jesus (Avraham Aviv Alush) at the Shack. The wife Nan (Radha Mitchell) and the children Kate and Josh (Megan Charpentier and Gage Munroe) mourn and support the husband and the father, respectively.

The rather underwhelming performances and predictable screenplay are easy to ignore. Whereas PureFlix films are usually manipulative, “The Shack” provides the fresh and thought provoking perspective to the Christian audience – rarely calculating to the point where you question your faith. God finds the good in the evil and always comforts you in ways you couldn’t imagine. B

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