The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

By Livia Peterson

Chris Renaud’s “The Secret Life of Pets” does not surpass the “Despicable Me” series. Illumination Entertainment may endure an additional franchise (ugh).
Terrier dog Max (voiced by Louis C.K.) invites friends Chloe (Lake Bell), Gidget (Jenny Slate), Mel (Bobby Moynihan), Buddy (Hannibal Buress), and Sweet Pea (Tara Strong) to hang out at the owner Katie’ (Ellie Kemper) apartment during the day. Meanwhile, Katie rescues Newfoundland mutt Duke (Eric Stonestreet); however, Max immediately dislikes the companion.
The voices are impressive, considering “The Secret Life of Pets” addresses dogs than cats. Illumination Entertainment does not outperform Pixar Animation and yet, the studio still produces vibrant cartoons. Yet Pixar recently astonished us with “Finding Dory”.
The conventional narrative may captivate and discern pet owners. (I own two cats Jim and Giada.) “The Secret Life of Pets” is cute (aww) from start to finish. The target audience – children – may discover heartfelt lessons. Despite the bothersome transitions, the score is excellent.
I nitpicked “The Secret Life of Pets” due to it does not respect kitty owners. I desired Chloe; forget Max and Duke.
Note to Illumination Entertainment – despite forecasting to earn $70 million during the debut weekend in the United States, do not produce a sequel. I am fine with the single film; wish it is innovative. However, produce the “Despicable Me” continuations. Pets love the respective owners and remain in the apartments (perhaps, too harsh). If a sequel occurs, develop a cat tale. Cat owners are abandoned in the dust here.
Pets enjoy life. Cats boast nine lives. Dogs are hypersensitive. “The Secret Life of Pets” positively promotes animal appreciation. B

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