The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

By Livia Peterson

Kelly Fremon Craig’s directorial debut “The Edge of Seventeen” is able to strike a chord to almost everyone. We endured teen angst back in the day. There is a sense of nostalgia if you’re eighteen or older here.
The high school student Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) discovers the best friend Krista (Haley Lu Richardson) is dating the brother Darian (Blake Jenner). Nadine discloses personal information to the history instructor Mr. Bruner (Woody Harrelson) and flirts with Erwin (Hayden Szeto) during the history class.
“The Edge of Seventeen” is the flawless and accessible film. Nadine appears to be the reflection of myself. I precisely connected to Nadine’s antics and the whole nine yards. Let’s be real here though: I rarely underage drink and disobey my parents. Nadine boasts one close friendship – Krista. Same here – I enjoy one devoted friendship – Terra. Nadine faces the difficulty to socialize (me too, girlfriend!). Whereas Nadine bitches to Mr. Bruner, I bury myself in movies to escape the socialization. The minor complaint is the instructors do not drive the students' home due to the non professionalism component.
“The Edge of Seventeen” emerges more than the simple coming of age narrative. It easily taps into the zeitgeist – from Nadine impatiently anticipating to be the adult to the mother Mona (Kyra Sedgwick) acknowledging the “favorite child” (the brother Darian). Nadine initially desires to commit suicide; however, eventually recognizes she is able to accept Krista and Darian as a couple. “The Edge of Seventeen” politely confesses the face palm moments. Nadine accidentally text messaged Nick Mossman (Alexander Calvert), Nadine exceedingly grumbles, and demands the advice via Mr. Bruner. In simple terms, Mr. Bruner is akin to the stepparent here.
Sweet and humorous, “The Edge of Seventeen” may be the modern coming of age classic. A

For Your Consideration: Best Picture, Best Actress in a Leading Role (Hailee Steinfeld), and Best Original Screenplay

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