The 91st Academy Awards: Nominated Documentary Short Films

The 91st Academy Awards: Nominated Documentary Short Films

By Livia Peterson

The 91st Academy Awards are forthcoming in a couple weeks and with that said, I will provide capsule reviews, regarding the Oscar Nominated Short Films. ShortsHD provide the theatrical distribution prior to the Academy Awards.

Period. End of Sentence. — The women are assigned to produce and deliver menstruation products, all while menstruation is considered taboo in India. While the feminism ideal is at its core, it is empowering to realize women belong in the same boat and supporting one another is vital. A

End Game — The San Francisco Zen Hospice Project and USCF Palliative Care unit provides insight in to death and the consequences to the families enduring one of the most difficult moments. Heartbreaking and shockingly realistic, as we may have visited the family member in hospice. It is difficult to say goodbye, but we must understand we will eventually die. B+

Lifeboat — Millions refugees escape Libya and neighboring countries via the lifeboat to find a better life. As many Latinx folks cross the Mexican border to find liberty and such in the United States, it impeccably taps into the zeitgeist and even though we may have various political stances, we should assist immigrants seeking asylum. B+

Black Sheep — Cornelius Walker is bullied and eventually, befriends white folks in the London neighborhood. No one deserves prejudice and yet, it still happens. Commence a conversation and allow people to feel welcome, regardless of the race, ethnicity, and the like. C+

A Night at the Garden — As the World War Two is on the horizon, director Marshall Curry provides archival footage leading up to the inevitable and concentration camps were constructed. Despite providing nonexistent commentary and emotional punch, it is profound to a fault and required almost a feature length film to deliver its complete effect. C-

While the 2019 Oscar Nominated Documentary Short Films are all devastating in their own ways, they provide us with life is short, life is important, and accomplish what you love in life.

  • Predicted Winner: A Night at the Garden

  • Preferred Winner: Period. End of Sentence.

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