Split (2017)

By Livia Peterson

The individual skepticism is the blessing and the curse. I am able to handle horror films that primarily provide tension. Yet, I cannot fathom haunting narratives that will deliver the nightmares. However, “Split” is a delightful surprise – meaning the darn cynicism is rather terrible.
Kevin Wendell Crumb (the understated yet brilliant James McAvoy) possess twenty three distinctive personalities – including Barry, Dennis, Patricia, the Horde, the Beast, and other characters – identified as dissociative identity disorder (DID). Dr. Karen Fletcher (the underused Betty Buckley) provides the riveting context to the semi original narrative. Mr. Crumb kidnap the troubled teenagers Casey Cooke (the impressive Anya Taylor-Joy), Claire Benoit (the always marvelous Haley Lu Richardson), and Marcia (the rather mediocre Jessica Sula) and lock the threesome in the windowless bunker.
It is safe to announce M. Night Shyamalan returned to form – providing shocking and amusing B movies. “Split” will constantly surprise the audience. You will gasp – the jaw may drop in disbelief. The scattering hysterical jokes arrive during unexpected moments – but the quick revelations are moderate to the point you may or may not foresee the conclusion.
Ms. Cooke enjoys the most character development via the random flashbacks; however, you may yearn to witness additional flashbacks, regarding Marcia and Ms. Benoit. Dr. Fletcher allows you to sympathize with Mr. Crumb and the teenagers – also known as the middle woman – absolutely necessary to care about the insane man.
You could proclaim “Split” is the beast: difficult to pass – genuinely tense, unique, and troublesome to ignore. I guess thank you to the gut instinct – yanking this woman to witness one of the early surprise films to arrive during the 2017. B

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