Logan (2017)

By Livia Peterson

Seventeen years ago, Hugh Jackman brought to life the Wolverine a.k.a. James “Logan” Howlett a.k.a. X-24. The Wolverine is ready to peace out ten films later – the initial series, the standalone trilogy, and the spinoffs.
Based on the comic books of the same name by Roy Thomas, Len Wein, and John Romita, Logan Howlett (the handsome yet awesome Jackman) is the caregiver to the ailing Professor X (the rather underwhelming Patrick Stewart). Meanwhile, Mr. Howlett discovers the young mutant Laura (the quietly brilliant Dafne Keen) during the 2029.
I cannot declare “Logan” is the steadfast farewell that I personally anticipated. Perhaps the timing was terrible. The moviegoers demand X-Men during difficult times, especially during the Trump Administration. The X-Men are complete badass and cool, regardless of the era. Yet, the notion of Ms. Keen succeeding Mr. Jackman is admirable – too young to own the additional X-Men series yet. Goddamn it.
The presumptuous final Wolverine film follows the typical superhero recipe – nothing is groundbreaking except the R rating. “Logan” is unsuitable, regarding the youngsters – akin to “Deadpool” (2016). The explicit gory violence is only meant to be seen via the mature adult audience – several beheadings and stabbings and that is only touching the surface. I guess we shall expect at least one adult oriented superhero film every year, thanks to “Deadpool” (cheers to ya, Merc with a Mouth)!
Farewell to the beloved X-24. (But, seriously, I would not be surprised to encounter the Wolverine during the upcoming Marvel films.) B

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