Land of Mine (2016)

By Livia Peterson

The German prisoners of war (POWs) – Lieutenant Ebbe Jensen (Mikkel Boe Folsgaard), Sebastian Schumann (Louis Hofmann), Helmut Morbach (Joel Basman), and others are forced to remove the landmines on the beach following the World War Two. Meanwhile, the Danish Sergeant Carl Rasmussen (Roland Moller) gradually appreciates the soldiers’ predicament – risking the lives, shattered limbs, and deceased friends.
Martin Zandvliet’s “Land of Mine” provides the unsung heroic war tale – emotionally distant and difficult to resonate with the characters. If an American filmmaker produced “Land of Mine”, the results would’ve remained the same. The nonexistent poignancy may leave you cold and requesting something more. On the one hand, “Land of Mine” may be incisive to some and on the other hand, underwhelming to others. C+

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