La La Land (2016)

By Livia Peterson

Damien Chazelle’s third feature film “La La Land” is why I fell in love with motion pictures in the first place. Chazelle is a director to be reckoned with – between “Whiplash” (2014) and “La La Land” – he subtly stuns the audience to speechlessness.
Here’s to the fools who dream as foolish as they may seem… The aspiring actress Mia Dolan (Emma Stone) and the jazz pianist Sebastian Wilder (Ryan Gosling) reside in Los Angeles, California attempting to fulfill the respective dreams. The duo randomly met cute and eventually, the relationship flourishes.
“La La Land” provides the ideal movie soundtrack in the recent memory. The tunes such as “Another Day of Sun”, “Someone in the Crowd”, and “Audition” are a few highlights. The songs frequently act akin to various show tunes and hence, “La La Land” is similar to a Broadway musical in the favorable perspective.
Mia and Sebastian may lack character development; however, Stone and Gosling are the flawless yet spicy twosome here. “La La Land” is a sophisticated ode to the dreamers, the musicals, the romance, and the vintage Hollywood. There are millions of dreamers still chasing the fantasy, like myself.
Cinema is dead may trigger the recall – films are not produced like this anymore. Once you witness this masterpiece, you’ll most likely believe – Oh God, cinema is not dead! “La La Land” delivers some title cards, reminiscent of the silent films and the talkies (nostalgia to the maximum).
The traditional narrative surprisingly enhances “La La Land”. The innovative atmosphere is attached to nearly everything. You may not be initially blown away; however, the film quickly convinces you – there is nothing like it right now.
I am dreamin’. You’re dreamin’. We’re all dreamin’. Cheers to the fools who dream. Let’s continue to dream the unimaginable and sing and dance all day long. (In simple terms, my personal favorite film of 2016.) A
For Your Consideration: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress in a Leading Role (Emma Stone), Best Actor in a Leading Role (Ryan Gosling), Best Score, Best Original Song, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, Best Original Screenplay, Best Sound Editing, and Best Sound Mixing

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