Hell or High Water (2016)

By Livia Peterson

“Hell or High Water” demonstrates small scale is always superior.
Toby and Tanner Howard (Chris Pine and Ben Foster) burglarize several banks to rescue the West Texan farm; however, Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges) and Alberto Parker (Gil Birmingham) pursue the Howard men to avoid additional crimes.
Crime films usually adhere to catch the bad guys trope. The equivalent is extraordinarily used here.
One may argue “Hell or High Water” is the best crime film during the twenty-first century. From the perfect performances and banter to the unpredictably tense narrative, “Hell or High Water” captures the crime genre and converts it into a singular yet tangible film. It provides obvious significant intentions – the Howard men love family and Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Parker still enjoy assisting the town to effortlessly function. Despite “Hell or High Water” is initially overrated, I guarantee you it’s an unconventional crime film. However, the final act could’ve remained potent like the introductory and second acts. “Hell or High Water” should’ve concluded with a bang; however, the culmination is a slight disappointment.
Personally and critically, I love “Hell or High Water”. You may anticipate the standard crime film; although, “Hell or High Water” constantly surprises the observer. It appears additional banks will experience burglaries one moment and yet, the film travels the opposite route the following split second. “Hell or High Water” shatters the unnecessary conventionalism. A

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