Elle (2016)

By Livia Peterson

I am still recovering following the “Elle” screening – a traumatizing experience, to say the least. “Elle” provides the sudden side effects (e.g. paranoia) that you may not anticipate – a blessing and a curse – one of the reasons why I love the foreign language film (of course, you’ll read the English subtitles).
Based on the novel “Oh…” by Philippe Djian, the successful video game CEO Michele LeBlanc (Isabelle Huppert) pursues the unknown man and eventually discovers the neighbor Patrick (Laurent Lafitte) raped her during several occasions.

Huppert robustly conducts the film with prowess and hence, easily provides the best performance during the 2016, surpassing Natalie Portman (“Jackie”), regarding the most immersive and plentiful performance during the 2016. “Elle” is Huppert’s showcase movie. The audience will experience difficulty averting their attention.

The woman should consent sexual activity. The unnecessary rapes should not occur; however, the unlawful actions arise, regardless of the circumstances. Many films reveal the man rescuing the woman during the risky situations; although, “Elle” demonstrates a woman advocating and protecting herself. Sure, women are fragile – but we are strong, too. It is devastating that the moviegoers must resort to the independent films, let alone the foreign language movies to receive female empowerment. Nonetheless, Hollywood is exhibiting gradual improvement (better than nothing, right?)

“Elle” is flawless in spite of the misery. Ms. Huppert consistently alleviates the agony. I reassure you. A

For Your Consideration: Best Actress in a Leading Role (Isabelle Huppert)

2016: The Personal Film Awards

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