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Transit (2019)

By Livia Peterson

Based on the novel of the same name by Anna Segher, German refugee Georg (Franz Rogowski) travels from Paris to Marseille, assumes the identity of a dead writer and carries his transit information, and establishes a romantic relationship Marie (Paula Beer).

Anchored by the incredible performances, Transit provides a thrilling adventure even though we see Franz traveling to and from the Mexican consulate too many times. Ms. Beer is a German treasure and frequently underused in such a small role. Despite the unnecessary voice over, we see why the waiting game is sometimes the devil. Transit impeccably taps into the zeitgeist, allowing us to examine how we navigate new territories, illegal immigration, and searching for our loved ones.

From the suspenseful narrative to the compelling character development, Transit is a beautiful film examining the lengths we travel to find a better life. B+

Transit and Apollo 11 continues at the Oriental Theater for another week. The former film is part of Milwaukee Film’s Best of the Fest series.