A Ghost Story (2017)

By Livia Peterson

David Lowery’s “A Ghost Story” provides the universal story, regarding the life, afterlife, legacy, love, and grief. However, the film is extreme arthouse that will immediately turn off the masses. This is no “Pete’s Dragon” (2016), folks.

The recently deceased, white sheeted ghost C (Casey Affleck) returns to the suburban home to reconnect with the destitute wife M (Rooney Mara). C attempts to discover something left behind by the wife prior to the eternity.

Anchored by the brilliant performances, “A Ghost Story” is bound to be one of the overlooked gems to be released this year. Alas, the film delivers meandering pace – allowing intimidation to the average moviegoer. The transitions and pace effectively improve during the second viewing.

“A Ghost Story” is a massive improvement from A24’s preceding offerings “Free Fire” (2017) and “The Lovers” (2017) this year. Still, just goes to show A24 is unstoppable in terms of consistently providing formidable niche movies.

Our time on the beautiful planet Earth is limited. We have no idea when we’ll pass away, let alone what the following day, month, and year contains. Everyone yearns to find a purpose in life and fulfill dreams (the question remains are they obtained when all is said and done?). With that said, the film allows the audience to directly ponder their existence and several questions are able to be answered yourself. Be prepared to have the Dark Rooms’ “I Get Overwhelmed”, alongside a ghost wandering stuck in the head for awhile.

Regardless, “A Ghost Story” will linger with you following the credits – even days after you’ve seen the film. Two viewings later, I would like to see it once more. A

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